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The Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute was founded in 1966 on the basis of an innovative concept for the marine environment : to associate research and public outreach as two mutually dependent tools for a single ecological project.

The work of carrying out research and of providing information for the general public is undertaken by scientists who seek :
- to understand various mechanisms in the field of marine biology and ecology with the aim of providing solutions to certain environmental problems ;
- to provide information to as many people as possible of the knowledge acquired.

The results achieved have been significant :
- the development of a natural degradation product for black tides, used to depollute the beaches of Alaska following the grounding of a tanker ;
- new legislation for the preservation of the edible sea urchin and a moratorium on underwater fishing of the grouper ;
- the voting in of a pollution control plan for urban waste on the coasts of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (S.E. France), by means of awareness raising actions, and in particular the film ‘Pollution and damage on the Mediterranean coast’ ;
- visits to the Institute’s aquarium, on the island of Les Embiez (near Toulon), by a million visitors since its opening ;
- the organization of several lecture series in Paris, Toulon, Marseille and Les Embiez, enabling the public to develop an informed opinion on the increasingly complex issues of the environment ;
- the publication of books, production of films, organization of exhibitions ;

Today, environmental awareness and ecological challenges mean that ever greater vigilance and efforts are called for.

The Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute is a non-profit association. Its work in the public interest is only possible thanks to the generosity of the public, both companies and private citizens.

We thank our benefactors and subscribers for their support.
The Secretary General

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