Accueil COP23 : another chance ’to give the oceans their say’

COP23 : another chance ’to give the oceans their say’

The UN climate conference COP23 is opening in Bonn. Patricia Ricard, our President, will speak on several occasions as spokesperson for the Ocean and Climate Platform, ’to give the oceans their say’.

The conference opening, and continuing until 17th November, will be chaired by Fiji, a small island state that is particularly impacted by the forecast climate changes and by the rise in sea level. The conference will discuss both the progress made towards achieving the aims announced at the time of the signature of the Paris Agreement, and also how to push ahead with their implementation in real terms.

The ocean as regulator and source of solutions

Once again, the members of the Ocean and Climate Platform, of which the Institute is founder - member, along with other organizations, will be there ’to give the oceans their say’. As they did at COP21 and then COP 22, they seek to achieve recognition for the primordial role played by the ocean with regard to climate issues : on one hand, it is a powerful climate regulator and its good state of health may attenuate the impact of climate change ; on the other hand, it is a springboard for innovation and a source of inspiration for solutions based on Nature. A further key focus of the discussions will be the need to work to raise awareness among all the political authorities to ensure that the oceans may claim their rightful place in the climate negotiations.

Patricia Ricard at COP23

Several interventions by our President are on the agenda : on Thursday 9th November, Patricia Ricard will take part in the third meeting of members of the Alliance of Ocean and Climate Initiatives, and on Friday 10th at the Alliance’s side-event, and again on Saturday 11th during the day dedicated to the ocean. She will also take part on Sunday 12th in a side-event focusing on island territories, and finally on Saturday 16th at a major event.

She will reiterate the message she delivered at the United Nations Ocean conference in New York in June : "The world ocean, long seen as a cornucopia and a new Eldorado for energy, has since COP21 and the Paris Pledge for Action become an essential factor for the attenuation of climate change. Nevertheless, throughout these endeavours to construct a universal conscience shared by all, the ocean remains the ultimate food resource for millions of human beings, whose survival it guarantees".

A sustainable conference

The organizers of COP23 also wish to highlight the ’sustainable’ aspect of the event, by keeping its impact to a minimum. From transport to waste disposal as well as catering, energy and compensation, in particular with regard to air transport for participants, the organizers aim to achieve, as far as possible, a conference that is ’climatically neutral’.