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Coopération internationale

Scientific missions and collaboration with universities are focused on subjects related to the knowledge and management of the marine environment : in the Mediterranean and in the world ocean with the French overseas territories (Territoires d’Outre-Mer) and countries such as Australia, the USA and Mexico.

A research collaboration agreement, the Framework Cooperation Agreement between the Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Martin and the Oceanographic Institute Paul Ricard, has been established between the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute and the Catholic University of Valencia, and signed by the Institute’s President, Patricia Ricard, and the Rector of UCV, Professor Jose Alfredo Peris Cancio.

This collaboration concerns the research programme on the fan mussel (Pinna nobilis) and also other projects in the field of research in the marine environment, with the potential for exchanges of researchers. The research is mainly carried out with UCV’s marine research institute (IMEDMAR) at Calpe, directed by Dr Jose Rafael Garcia March.

Professor Nardo Vicente, who initiated this process, is co-supervisor for a young researcher, Sergio Trigos, for an ecosystemic study of the fan mussel, a bivalve mollusc that is endemic to the Mediterranean. This study involves drawing up an inventory of fan mussel populations on the French and Spanish coasts, and experimental studies carried out jointly in the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute and IMEDMAR laboratories.