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Lectures, exhibitions

The Institute’s scientists deliver several dozen lectures every year, in France and abroad. The lectures cover a wide range of subjects ; they are destined for a wide audience and target various groups : schoolchildren, students, companies, associations, doctors, divers, journalists. The Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute organizes its own series of lectures and exhibitions.

Vie marine, protection des océans, histoire... Des thèmes traités aux conférences estivales de l'île des Embiez.
Vie marine, protection des océans, histoire... Des thèmes traités aux conférences estivales de l’île des Embiez.
Exposition en plein air aux Embiez. [Ph. D. Planète Mer]
Exposition en plein air aux Embiez. [Ph. D. Planète Mer]
Conférence du cycle <i>Les Mercredis de la mer</i>. [Ph. D. Planète Mer]
Conférence du cycle Les Mercredis de la mer. [Ph. D. Planète Mer]

Since 1991, every three months, Patricia Ricard, President of the Institute, chairs the debates. They cover a wide range of themes : green economics, biodiversity, climate warming, and related topics. Among the speakers : Prof. Jean-Marie Pelt, European Ecology Institute ; Brice Lalonde, former minister of ecology ; Yann Arthus-Bertrand, photographer, and many more.

The Tuesday Lectures are organized in partnership with the European Society of Environmental Film and Multimedia Producers (Société européenne des réalisateurs de l’environnement) (SERE). They are supported by partnerships with the United Nations and the Regional Information Centre UNRIC.

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In July and August at Saint-Pierre fort :
-  every Wednesday, lecture at 16.00
-  every Thursday, Meet the Scientists (Rencontres avec les chercheurs), at 16.00.

Download the programme of lectures for 2014 (in French)
(Programme 2015 to come)

At Les Embiez island, the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute and the WWF present a ‘hymn to biodiversity’. The exhibition PELAGOS, sanctuary for cetaceans (photo opposite) includes twenty open-air display panels, near Saint-Pierre fort. The exhibition shows the main species, in particular whales and dolphins, which frequent a marine area that is under close surveillance.
The photographs by Frédéric Bassemayousse are of outstanding quality.

The itinerant exhibition Fragile Mediterranean (Fragile Méditerranée) is available for the public. It includes 16 display panels (60x50 cm) illustrating the themes of the book Fragile Méditerranée, à la reconquête d’un équilibre écologique (Edisud), written and edited by members of the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute. Exhibition available on loan, on request.

In the summer holiday period, the library at Saint-Pierre fort at Les Embiez island has a temporary exhibition : children’s drawings, photographs, paintings, cartoon strips.