Accueil Conscience builders : 50 years for the ocean

Conscience builders : 50 years for the ocean

For the past 50 years, the Institute is carrying out its research in the Mediterranean, considered by scientists as a true model ocean. Its work offers solutions founded on nature for a better relationship between man and sea according to an ecosystemic approach. By being based on nature, it develops comprehensive solutions able to meet global challenges.

In this way, the Institute has continued to conquer new fields of research : studying the quality of inshore waters and campaigning for water treatment plants, quality of swimming water and contamination monitoring, developing aquaculture farms, developing a natural process for breaking down oil spills using marine bacteria, studying the impact of the increase in CO2 on organisms, implementing a ban to protect groupers, experimental nurseries and restoring environments, and biomimetics.
Established in 1966 on the island of Les Embiez, the Institute has today become a research centre of international renown. Its work incorporates the recommendations resulting from the COP21 climate conference, which highlighted for the first time the fundamental role of the oceans in climate regulation : a healthy ocean equals a protected climate.
The Institute is now chaired by Patricia Ricard, and member of the Ocean & Climate Platform.