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The team

The scientists at the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute often leave their laboratories to go to meet the general public. They share their knowledge and explain the issues involved in their work. For this mission, they have the support of specialists in communication, administration and the reception of the public.

From the outset, the Institute’s scientists have presented their work in a simple and user-friendly manner. In the summer at Les Embiez, they give lectures on Mediterranean marine biology and ecology, pollution, aquaculture, and similar subjects.

Today, during the summer, they welcome holiday makers to Les Embiez island for the series of Wednesday lectures, Les Mercredis de la Mer. They take part in cultural events such as the World Underwater Images Festival and Science Frontiers (Science Frontières), in Marseille.

In the magazine Bulletin de l’Observatoire de la Mer (Bulletin of the Observatory of the Sea), launched in 1974, the researchers dealt with fundamental issues, such as the pollution of the sea, the exploitation of living resources... Twenty years later, they were responsible for the scientific content of the book Fragile Méditerranée (Fragile Mediterranean) (Edisud).

These specialists have also played a role in the production of films: Pollution and Waste on the Mediterranean Littoral (Pollutions et Nuisances sur le Littoral Méditerranéen) (1980), Mediterranean Aquaculture (Aquaculture en Méditerranée) (1984), Pollution in the Mediterranean – More or No More ? (Pollution en Méditerranée-Stop ou Encore)(2006), The Age of the Reserve (Le Temps des Réserves) (2008), Marseille, the Resuscitated Roadstead (Marseille, une Rade Ressuscitée) (2009), The Sea Urchin Programme (2011), Biodiversity – Objective Preservation (Biodiversité - Objectif Préservation) (2012), New Issues for the Littoral (Les nouveaux enjeux du littoral) (2014).

These actions illustrate the rather special approach of the scientists at the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute. In addition to their research work, they present to the general public top quality information on the major issues of the day.

Since 2005, the President of the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute has been Patricia Ricard. The Institute has several departments.