Accueil United Nations Ocean Conference

United Nations Ocean Conference

The United Nations Ocean Conference has just finished in New York. Patricia Ricard, our President, and Françoise Gaill attended on behalf of the Ocean Climate Platform.

With the aim of implementing Sustainable Development Goal 14 relative to the protection and sustainable development of the ocean, numerous countries and organisations attended the conference to take stock of the initiatives that need to be developed for the benefit of the ocean, the ’blue lung’ of our planet that supplies more than 50% of the oxygen that we breathe.

During these meetings, several key issues were raised. Discussions focused in particular on :

Recognition of the fragility and the collapse of fish stocks and the decline of certain marine and coastal ecosystems ;

An appeal by small island states for a more humane approach in taking into account the impact of climate change on the ocean ;

The necessity of a global approach for dealing with the impact of climate change :

"The worst scenarios imagined yesterday have today become a reality. And what is happening in the Arctic does not stay in the Arctic." Dr Armstrong, Arctic specialist.

"The climate and the biodiversity should be linked if we are to understand better the impact of climate change on the ecosystem services." Dr Françoise Gaill, Scientific Coordinator of the Ocean and Climate Platform.

The necessity of mobilising young researchers :

"It is important that young scientists from different disciplines and cultures work together, the ocean will only be saved by means of shared governance and commitment ! Science needs the young." Dr Françoise Gaill, Scientific Coordinator of the Ocean and Climate Platform.

The necessity of finding nature-based solutions and of restoring the ecosystems :

 "As we at the Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard have been doing for the past 50 years, we must seek solutions nature-based based, and restore the marine coastal ecosystems, which so many human beings depend on !" Patricia Ricard, President of the Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard, founder member of the Ocean and Climate Platform.

More than 1300 Voluntary Commitments

The United Nations Ocean Conference also opened a register to enable all ocean stakeholders to make a public commitment for the climate. Governments, UN agencies, universities, NGOs, - a collective effort resulting in the registration of more than 1300 voluntary commitments, showcasing the involvement of all the stakeholders.

The Institut Océanographique Paul Ricard submitted two contributions : one concerns the ecological restoration of shallow coastal waters, on the basis of the SAR-LAB project ; the other involves developing public sector - private sector partnerships to fund ocean science research, and in particular the work of young scientists, via the programme Take-Off, Take Ocean For Future.

A decade of ocean science

The Ocean and Climate Platform also held a side-event devoted to the need to advance knowledge on ocean and climate issues.
Along the same lines, to encourage the development of ocean science, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO) has proposed declaring 2021-2030 International Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

To support this project, IOC-UNESCO has launched a new communication tool, an animated film designed to highlight the importance of ocean science and the work of the IOC for a productive and healthy ocean. The narrator is the President of the UN General Assembly, Peter Thomson.

View the animated film on Facebook :
It is also available on the IOC Twitter account (@IocUnesco)