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Educational Activities

About 5000 schoolchildren visit the Aquarium – Museum each year and follow a programme designed to make them aware of the marine environment.
They may also take part in a drawing competition, a workshop on sea-related topics, or walk along the Nature Trail on Les Embiez island.

Conférence destinée aux plus jeunes.
Conférence destinée aux plus jeunes.
En route pour l'aventure écologique à bord du voilier <i>Salsa</i>.
En route pour l’aventure écologique à bord du voilier Salsa.
Lâcher d'une tortue Caouanne soignée et balisée par le CestMed.
Lâcher d’une tortue Caouanne soignée et balisée par le CestMed.
Panneaux informatifs du <i>Sentier découverte</i> de l'île des Embiez.
Panneaux informatifs du Sentier découverte de l’île des Embiez.
L'aquarium, un hublot sur la mer.
L’aquarium, un hublot sur la mer.

Several thousand primary and secondary schoolchildren sign on every year for an educational talk. As a scientific institute, the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute is a member of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region Sea - Environmental Education Network.

Subjects of talks for schoolchildren

- Mediterranean Fauna and Flora
- Mediterranean Biodiversity

- The Secret Life of Mediterranean Fishes

Food from the Sea
-  The food chain in the sea
-  Aquaculture

A sea under attack
-  The Mediterranean, a sea exposed to the impact of human activity

> Download abstracts (in French) .PDF (1,2 Mo)

Offered for one or two classes, accompanied by their teachers, the talks are illustrated by film shows. Depending on the theme studied, the teacher may request a talk on a particular topic. The talks last about an hour, with time for questions. The speakers are all qualified scientists.

Visits to the aquarium and museum are included in price of admission for the talk.
Book ahead (at least one month).

Contact and prices

Very interesting teaching kits and documentation (in particular for school cycles 1 to 3) for an initiation course in the marine environment are made available free for educators and teachers.
Consult the website of the Mediterranean Research and Observation Group (GEOM) – member of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Sea Network - and (in French only)

The Nature Trail (Sentier Découverte) on Les Embiez island offers a practical and well-documented introduction to a well-preserved environment. According to a specialist, the vegetation is characterized by the absence of homogeneous plant formations but the persistence of outlying patches that intermix and compete with each other, under the combined influence of climate, soil and human impact.

Route 1 – The rocky coast of the island – Display panels 1 to 7 (duration : 1 hour to 1h30).
Route 2 – The best land- and seascapes – Display panels 1 to 14 (duration : 2 hours to 2h30).

› Download the booklet (in French only) Sentier Nature (Nature Trail).PDF (4 Mo)