Accueil AquariumOpen hydraulic system

Open hydraulic system

One of the particular features of the Paul Ricard Oceanography Institute Aquarium is that it functions as an open hydraulic system. The fishes live permanently in seawater of very high quality, which is in every way similar to the water of the neighbouring natural environment.

The water is collected directly from the sea thirty metres from the shore at a depth of two metres, then brought to a storage and decantation tank.

After passing through two sand filters, the water is pumped into the distribution vats situated on the terrace of Saint-Pierre fort and flow under the effect of gravity into the various tanks.

A heating and cooling circuit connected to the tank regulates the temperatures to between 13 and 21° according to the season.

In the case of bad weather or deterioration in the water quality, the system is switched to closed circuit. It can also function in direct circuit : the water pumped from the sea passes directly into the tanks before being discharged into the sea, without going through the storage tank.